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Real Estate Law

Protective Real Estate Contracts

Investing in real estate is a potentially lucrative move, but you have to make sure the deal is fair to you and another party. Avoid costly investment mistakes with real estate contracts in Columbia, SC. Degenhart & Degenhart Law, LLC, provides representation for residential and commercial real estate transactions. Reach out to this legal team before you sign on the dotted line. One thing that sets MaryNell apart from other lawyers is that she will travel to her clients if necessary.

Knowledgeable Guidance

You need a lawyer when you're buying, selling, trading, leasing, swapping, refinancing, and financing real estate. In addition to contracts, the Degenharts handle closings, agreements with lenders, and relations with the real estate community. They begin with a consultation to determine what you hope to accomplish as a buyer or seller, and they provide you with the various implications of the transaction. Rely on the Degenharts for representation through the entire real estate process.