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Family Law

Compassionate Matrimonial and Family Law

Separation or divorce comes with a range of emotions for a couple, along with a variety of legal ramifications. If children are involved, the dissolution of the marriage becomes even more problematic. Protect your spousal and parental rights with matrimonial and family law in Columbia, SC. For a confidential consultation, contact the legal team of Degenhart & Degenhart, LLC.

A Complex Business Deal

Marriage is primarily a business deal in which money is the main factor. At this law firm, the partners focus on complex divorces where there are many things to consider, including a time factor. South Carolina law requires completion of divorce within a year.

To ensure proper representation, Paul and MaryNell Degenhart create a checklist of questions to ask both spouses. They first determine the grounds for the divorce, which varies from state to state. Additionally, the Degenharts inquire about child custody, such as whether one parent is seeking total custody or if both parents agree to share custody.

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